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Algology with Algotherm


Say goodbye to cellulite! Thanks to Algotherm, you get a slimmer, firmer and more toned body!  Cellulite, sagging skin, genetic, nutritional and hormonal factors all could be the source of the appearance of these unwanted effects.

However, there are various seaweed-based products that can significantly improve the appearance of cellulite and water retention, as well as heavy and swollen legs.  Traditionally used in thalassotherapy for their slimming and firming properties, algae are highly-concentrated natural ingredients.

The Algotherm Algo Silhouette treatment is based on innovative and highly-effective seaweed extracts, carefully selected and recognized for a long time for the efficiency of their treatment protocol.

Description of algology

Institut Brabant uses the innovative Algotherm products, and mainly 3 exclusive complexes which have a direct action on the skin to improve the global body contour.  Each complex is highly-concentrated and combines specific seaweed extracts with selected powerful natural active products, for a precisely-targeted efficiency.

The slimming complex
– Active ingredients : algue fucus + caffeine + suadea maritima

The slimming complex reduces the inflammation of adipocytes (fat cells) and thus the cellulite phenomenon. Thanks to its action on adipokines (leptine and adiponectine), this complex can stimulate the lipolyse (degradation of the lipids contained in the cells) of human fat cells and enable the reduction of fat storage located in resilient areas.

The firming complex
– Active ingredients : algue palmaria palmata + silicon derivative + centella asiatica

The firming complex stimulates the synthesis of pro-collagen and contributes to improve the skin elasticity and firmness.

The lightness complex
– Active ingrédients : palmaria palmata + horse chestnut extract + aloe vera

The lightness complex combines 3 active ingredients that are also rich in active molecules (flavonoids) in order to effectively fight circulatory problems and the feeling of heavy and swollen legs. This complex regulates the flow and promotes the elimination of water and toxins that cause the feeling of discomfort.

Clinical indications and contraindications

Cellulite often affects women and is characterized by a «mattress-like» appearance of the skin tissue, also called «orange peel skin» on specific body parts as buttocks and thighs.

In fact, cellulite is a fat accumulation that triggers local inflammation which is responsible for the water retention in the fatty tissue. These swollen adipose tissues compress the surrounding blood or lymphatic vessels, and thus block fluid circulation. Simultaneously, the structures of the connective tissues that are partitioning the adipose tissue compartments are distorted under the pressure of the adipocytes (fat cells) filled with lipids, the whole causing the bumpy look of the skin.

The Algotherm treatments are recommended to :
• reduce the fat storage (activated lipolyse);
• limit the inflammation of the skin tissue which cause water retention, heavy legs and stubborn cellulite;
• preserve the fiber structure around the adipocytes.

An algology treatment in short

On your arrival, a professional technician of the Institut will proceed to the evaluation of your condition and will offer you an appropriate treatment protocol. She will take measurements of specific areas of your body, as well as photos. These two steps will serve to assess the evolution of your body shape, before, during and after the treatments.

The initial 90-minute treatment includes a body exfoliation to remove surface dead skin cells and to encourage a better active ingredients’ absorption. You will then receive an anti-cellulite massage and a body wrapping with algue. If needed, the Institut will emit a receipt for your health insurance provider for the part of the massage.

The following treatments last 60 minutes

Care and maintenance plan

For optimal results, an initial 6-to-10 treatments therapy is recommended. To ensure the maintenance of the results, a monthly or quarterly treatment plan will be offered to you.

The cost

Body exfoliation (30 minutes) : 45 $
Body wrapping, including a body exfoliation (90 minutes) : 150 $
Body wrapping (60 minutes) : 125 $
6-treatment therapy : 750 $    * Including 1 body product with a value of 70$ *
10-treatment therapy : 1250 $    * Including 2 body products with a value of 142$ *

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