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Botox Cosmetic injections


Look younger in minutes with Botox CosmeticMD

All day long, according to our activities and emotions, our face is constantly in motion to form facial expressions which, over time, leave permanent marks on our skin. Signs of skin ageing, wrinkles, crow’s-feet and expression lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) will appear as the years go by.
Approved by Health Canada since 2001, the Botox CosmeticMD injections are formulated to reduce these signs of ageing. Their action is quick (7 to 15 days).

Description of BotoxMD action

Botox CosmeticMD is injected under the skin surface, to temporarily relax the muscle and reduce the appearance of the expression lines. It is part of a category of products called neuromodulator or botulinum toxin. It is an injectable treatment based on a purified protein derivative. Its action allows for the relaxation of the muscles that are the source of dynamic wrinkles, in view of giving the face a relaxed and refreshed look.

Its action may be combined with the effect of hyaluronic acid injections, for a very natural-looking rejuvenating treatment.

Clinical indications and contraindications

This aesthetical treatment is indicated to lessen the appearance of crow’s-feet, of the lion’s wrinkle (between eyebrows), forehead expression lines and wrinkles around the mouth. BotoxMD allows for a global rejuvenation of the face contour. The effects of BotoxMD may vary, depending your skin health, the area to be treated, the injected dose and the frequency of injections. After a few injections, the effects may be longer-lasting since the targeted muscles become lazy over time and lose their habit of contracting.

Sometimes, certain patients may experiment a few unwanted effects after the treatment: redness, swelling, sensitiveness, small bruises, a slight feeling of pressure or mild headaches. All these effects are normal and will quickly disappear. In order to reduce the risk of bruises, it is recommended that you refrain from taking AspirineMD or any other derivated product one week before the treatment.

Botox CosmeticMD is not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from a neuromuscular disorder.

A BotoxMD injection in short

The BotoxMD injections are executed by Nathalie Brabant, specialist nurse and founder of the Institut Brabant. Before proceeding to the treatment, she will assess your condition and propose to you the appropriate solution, as well as determine with you the injection sites. This treatment is easily accessible and can be administered in less than 30 minutes, following a thorough evaluation of your needs and of your health condition. All you have to do is contact us for an appointment!

Care and maintenance plan

To maintain the achieved results, it is recommended to pursue the treatments at a frequency of 3 to 6 months. After several treatments, the frequency of treatments and the dosage of injections will decrease.

The cost of BotoxMD injections

A personalized consultation is necessary to adequately assess the cost of your treatments. The first consultation is free of charge at the time of your first treatment.

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