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Body Slimming Intensive Program

The Body Slimming Intensive Program is a revolutionary body-contouring method

For years already, you wanted to lose a few centimeters here and there on your body?  Have you sustained the constraints and consequences of frustrating and restrictive weight-loss programs? From now on, you can count on Institut Brabant, who can guide you through an efficient and proven slimming program, the laser system.

Recent studies have demonstrated that the laser program leads to an average loss of 8,9 cm around the hips, waist or thighs.  This reduction in centimeters may also be accompanied, in some cases, by a slight weight loss.  Although the main goal of the treatment is to get thinner, the laser technology also helps to lessen the cellulite and abdominal fat and to improve the appearance of the skin, since it has the effect of reducing the adipose cells (fat cells) which may sometimes get 50 times larger than their original size.

Description of the laser technology

The laser technology literally attacks the fat that resists all diets and exercises.  Recognized around the world and licensed by Health Canada, the laser represents the greatest scientific breakthrough in the field of body-slimming technologies, since it is proven efficient for more than 97 % of people.

The laser technology aim at emptying the adipose cells of the targeted areas, and this, in only 18 minutes.  The body then carries the content of those cells in the course of its natural detoxification process, through the lymphatic system, and then eliminates it by natural ways. This means a noticeable reduction of the volume of millions of fat cells, and consequently a slimming down of the body shape.

It is important to know that the laser is a treatment that will not harm the fat cells, nor the surrounding tissues. Those tissues play various significant roles like, among others, the regulation of the hormonal and immune systems.

Clinical indications and contraindications

The laser therapy can by effectively used on virtually all body parts where fat deposits are located.  Several areas can be treated at the same time during a single treatment.

The laser is the one and only body fat loss system that is totally safe and effective on the market.  There is no risk of injury and the treatments do not damage the targeted cells. This type of laser has been used for more than 40 years to treat various conditions, as chronic pain and wound healing, as well as many more orthopedic conditions.

During the treatment, you will not feel any discomfort. You will be able to immediately resume your activities after each treatment.

The laser treatments must not be initiated if you are pregnant or if you are breast-feeding your baby.  If you are carrying a pacemaker, this kind of treatment is not appropriate for you either. No one knows the potential harm or risk associated with this kind of treatment, so unknown potential hazard may exist. Finally, no one suffering from a cancer or who is in remission for less than one year should undergo such treatment.

The laser  might not be as efficient on clients suffering from poorly controlled diabetes or from thyroid disorders, since they have a potentially diminished metabolic system, which is then less capable of carrying the fat away from the cells. People suffering from a liver, kidney or intestines problems can also expect less consistent results from the treatments. However, if these problems are controlled with medication and when the medical protocol is respected, it is still possible to get interesting results, but maybe with a few additional treatments. Nevertheless, the laser remains absolutely safe for people suffering from these medical conditions.

A laser treatment in short

Your laser treatment will be totally painless.  During each treatment, the technician will place the lasers on the targeted areas of your body. You will be able to relax for 20 minutes, while the front of your body is treated.  The same 20-minute process will be repeated for the back area of your body.  Once you have completed the treatment, you will be able to immediately get back to your daily activities.  No waiting periods, no pain, no swelling, no dizziness or discomfort.  The laser is a non-invasive treatment that has no side effect… apart from the desired loss of centimeters!

Care and maintenance plan

Some people may notice conclusive results after only a few treatments, for example when they notice that their clothes seem to fit better. Other people see a satisfactory difference after 4 to 6 treatments.

The actual duration of the effects will depend on the client’s lifestyle.  Someone who does not change for a healthy and active lifestyle may require additional treatments to maintain their results. However, the reduction of fat on targeted areas may be permanent if the client adopts the appropriate lifestyle.

In order to maximize the results, it is highly recommended to stay well hydrated (8-to-10 glasses of water intake per day), to keep eating well, to keep fit by exercising daily to activate the lymphatic circulation and ensure optimal results (by a 30-minute walk every day), to detoxify your body and by refraining from taking alcohol and caffeine, since they reduce the capacity of the liver to get rid of fats.

The Institut Brabant technicians will assist you in your slimming process and, by respecting their recommendations, you will reach optimal results.

The cost

A personalized consultation is required to adequately assess the cost of your treatment.  The consultation is free of charge at the time of your first treatment.

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