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Acne and skin imperfections

No matter how old you are, or your gender, skin blemishes are annoying and a source of complexes for a lot of people. Unfortunately, acne and various skin imperfections are not teenagers-only. In fact, numerous adults are concerned by these issues. Resulting from stress, hormonal fluctuations, tiredness or pollution (for each person the cause is different), the outcome is that there is an imbalance of the sebum production.

Acne and cutaneous imperfections

  • Mesotherapy with InnoPEN

    Did you know that only 0,3 % of active ingredients contained in your usual cosmetics can cross the skin’s protective barrier?  Since your skin is continuously renewing, it creates a barrier that prevents the active ingredients of cosmetics and anti-ageing products to act in-depth into your skin.  Consequently, these products stay on the skin’s surface, which makes all creams, serums and other lotions virtually ineffective.

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  • G.M. COLLIN Peelings

    It’s no longer a secret:  sun exposure, smoking, hormonal changes and ageing all cause, over the years, some unwanted reactions to the skin like a dull complexion, open pores, wrinkles, brown or age spots , blackheads (acne, pimples).

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  • G.M. Collin Signature Skin Care

    At Institut Brabant, all our aestheticians use the G.M. Collin top-quality products to provide you with personalized facial treatment therapies. These specialized facial care improve the global appearance of the skin, lighten the complexion and reduce pore size. All these corrective treatments will help maximize the effects of your daily care at-home routine.

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