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Our different cellulite treatments

Are you self-conscious about the texture and appearance of your thighs or buttocks?  Cellulite often affects women and is characterized by a «mattress-like» appearance of the skin tissue, also called «orange peel skin» on specific body parts as buttocks and thighs.  It may be caused by numerous genetic or hormonal factors, as well as unhealthy lifestyles.

Forget complexity with cellulite treatments

  • Venus Legacy

    As years go by, the sagging and loss of firmness of the skin is inescapable. This phenomenon is the result of the degradation of the collagen fibers, which is also a cause of cellulite. Today, you can resort to the breakthrough non-surgical technology called Venus Legacy. This technology enables to tighten the sagging and wimpled skin of the face, neck and body, while reducing the orange skin that is so typical of cellulite.

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  • Vanquish Me

    The VANQUISH ME™ is a technology without contact that allows the destruction of fat cells and body remodeling. The machine offers the largest treatment area in the industry, ensuring an unrivaled level of patient comfort and safety. The patented selective radiofrequency technology of the Vanquish Me™ allows working on a larger treatment zone in fewer sessions and in less time than their competitors.

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  • Mesotherapy with InnoPEN

    Did you know that only 0,3 % of active ingredients contained in your usual cosmetics can cross the skin’s protective barrier?  Since your skin is continuously renewing, it creates a barrier that prevents the active ingredients of cosmetics and anti-ageing products to act in-depth into your skin.  Consequently, these products stay on the skin’s surface, which makes all creams, serums and other lotions virtually ineffective.

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  • Algology with Algotherm

    Say goodbye to cellulite! Thanks to Algotherm, you get a slimmer, firmer and more toned body!  Cellulite, sagging skin, genetic, nutritional and hormonal factors all could be the source of the appearance of these unwanted effects.

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  • Pressotherapy

    Pressotherapy (also known as pressure-therapy) is a therapeutic method that induces the blood and lymph circulation, which in turn stimulates blood volume shifts and lymphatic reflux. A pressotherapy treatment provides a well-being sensation, on the circulation and physical levels, and this from the very first session.  The higher the frequency of treatments, the better the results will be, for your health as for your body contour. The benefits offered by this technique are aesthetical or therapeutic. It helps to tone and firm the damaged tissues and refine the figure by the reduction of cellulite. Used as a complementary treatment with lymphatic drainage, pressotherapy may also increase and speed up the desired effects.

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