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EMSCULPT Muscle toning


EmSculpt®: Muscle toning is now at your fingertips!

EmSculpt® is the first muscle toning technology approved by Health Canada, allowing both to stimulate muscles while reducing adipose mass (subcutaneous, intramuscular and viceral fat). The muscle toning offered by EmSculpt® is the only process allowing body remodeling without an invasive procedure.
According to studies carried out in the United States following treatment with the EmSculpt® device, the client gains on average at least 16% in muscle mass and loses approximately 19% in fat mass. The intense pulsations of the device release signals to fat cells that break down and turn into free fatty acids, resulting in weight loss.

EMSCULPT technology

EmSculpt® uses High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Technology (HIFEM®)

A single session of EMSCULPT elicits thousands of powerful muscle contractions which are essential for toning and strengthening your muscles.

EmSculpt® creates an electromagnetic field that penetrates the skin to reach muscle tissue as well as fat cells. It is a technology using beams of high intensity electromagnetic energy (HIFEM®) allowing muscle contractions according to a determined algorithm and unequaled by training alone. During the treatment, the muscles are forced to adapt to the intense contractions caused by the device. Faced with HIFEM® technology, muscle tissue adapts to the extreme condition it faces, resulting in a reorganization of the internal structure of the muscle generating muscle gain and elimination of adipose tissue (fat cells). During a muscle toning session with EmSculpt® the body is subjected to approximately 20,000 muscle contractions similar to squats or sit-ups.

EmSculpt® technology allows, through its different treatment cycles, an elimination of lactic acid which is the cause of pain, cramps and muscle burns, which limits the discomfort that could be felt following a session. muscle toning with the device. This technology allows you to tone your muscles quickly and in a short time. EmSculpt® is a non-invasive technology capable of treating several areas to give you a firm and refined silhouette.

What does science say?
Its efficacy and harmlessness have been verified in seventeen multicenter studies by applying the most reliable scientific methods (magnetic resonance, computed tomography, ultrasound and histology)

Clinical indications and contraindications

Who can benefit ?
Almost anyone can benefit from EmSculpt® treatments, some restrictions apply. The EmSculpt® muscle toning treatment cannot be performed on people with pacemakers, internal defibrillators or metal body implants. The treatment is strictly forbidden to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

An EMSCULPT session in brief

Prior to the treatment, our team will conduct a free consultation to determine if you meet the selection criteria for the EmSculpt® muscle toning treatment.
During your first appointment, our team will start by taking photos, your weight and measurements, these will allow you to compare the results once the treatment is finished.
How long is the treatment?
The treatment lasts 20 to 30 minutes with a minimum of 4 sessions, spaced 2 to 3 days apart. The abdomen, thighs and glutes require a 30-minute session. The biceps, triceps and calves will be exposed to a treatment of 20 minutes per session. Your specialist will help you develop a personalized care program based on your goals and expectations.

What do you feel during a session?
The contractions initiated by the EmSculpt® device provide sensations equivalent to a session of intense physical activity. You can lie down and relax during the treatment. It is recommended to stay well hydrated before and after EmSculpt® sessions.

The EmSculpt® process is non-invasive, does not involve a recovery period and does not require any preparation for treatment, except hydration. You will feel concrete results as soon as the treatment is finished. Patients typically see positive effects two to four weeks after the last session, and continue to see improvements for several weeks following treatment. Muscle toning cuts out muscles and provides a slim, firm silhouette.

Care and maintenance plan

It is recommended to maintain the effects of the initial cure with 4 annual treatments, ideally one treatment every 3 months to maintain the benefits of the initial treatment. Muscle toning can vary from person to person and depends on your physical condition and your usual training regimen.

Treatment Fees

Personalized packages on appointment
Multi-zone packages on appointment

The Institut Brabant also offers combination packages with other technologies or maintenance at advantageous rates.

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