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G.M. Collin Signature Skin Care

Our different face treatments by G.M. Collin

  • Free your skin and enjoy a unique moment of total relaxation

    At Institut Brabant, all our aestheticians use the G.M. Collin top-quality products to provide you with personalized facial treatment therapies. These specialized facial care improve the global appearance of the skin, lighten the complexion and reduce pore size. All these corrective treatments will help maximize the effects of your daily care at-home routine.


    This facial treatment includes a deep cleaning and exfoliation of the skin, followed with the extraction of blackheads, and a purifying mask. This treatment is executed with the GM Collin products, adapted to your skin type.

    Duration : 60 minutes

    Price : 82 $



    This advanced treatment provides you with immediate and long-term skin deep moisturization.

    Its refreshing action on the skin gives it remarkable soothing properties. It is the perfect skin care treatment for dehydrated, sensitive and reactive skins.

    Algomask+ offers in instant radiance boost by hydrating, calming and illuminating your complexion. It also lessens the appearance of diffused redness of the face.

    For an intensive therapy, it is suggested to proceed to 3 to 6 treatments, once a week. For optimal results, we recommend to pursue with monthly treatments.

    - Tones and hydrates the skin;

    - Soothes the skin and reduces the appearance of diffuse redness;

    - Maintains the appropriate level of hydration. Moisturizes, refreshes and revitalizes the skin.

    Duration : 90 minutes

    Price : 100$



    The OXYGEN TREATMENT for acne is the oxygen-based revolutionary solution for oily or acne-prone skin. This treatment has a decongesting action, controls acne breakouts and revitalizes the stressed and tired-looking skin.

    Your skin becomes luminous, hydrated and looks young and fresh.

    For a maximum efficiency, we recommend a weekly treatment, for five consecutive weeks. The complete treatment includes five steps: the Pureacne Exfoliant scrub, the neutralizing gel, the Puracne Oxygen serum, the Puracne Oxygen mask and a normalizing-action cream.

    Duration : 90 minutes

    Price : 100$



    This is a four-step clinical care treatment, intended to all skin types and conditions.

    This hydrating and invigorating treatment is perfect to prepare your skin for a special event like your wedding or a public appearance.


    - Immediate tightening of the skin by intensive hydration. The treatment is designed to exfoliate, deeply rehydrate and tone the skin for a radiant complexion.

    - Brightens the complexion and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Formulated for all skin types.

    Duration : 90 minutes

    Price : 125$

    COLLAGEN 90-II The G.M. Collin expertise



    As people age, their skin's cell renewal process (natural repair process) slows down. The skin gets thinner, loses its hydration potential and becomes more sensitive to environmental stresses. The underlying supporting tissues loses elasticity, density and firmness, inducing changes in the structure of the face.

    G.M. Collin proposes an exclusive and original concept that combines a pure lyophilised film of native collagene to active ingredients that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

    Collagen 90-II is an intensive anti-ageing therapy that enables to hydrate, tone and refine the skin, in order to fight the visible early signs of skin ageing.

    This treatment is clinically proven.

    This treatment globally improves the complexion. The skin is plumped up, becomes more radiant and is fully hydrated. Collagen 90-II will undoubtedly meet all your expectations!

    This treatment is recommended for all skin types.

    Duration : 90 minutes

    Price : 150$



    Here is a revitalizing anti-ageing skin care treatment formulated to delay the visible signs of ageing and to bring your skin alive.

    Formulated with marine and plant-derived ingredients (concentrated vitamin C complex, seaweed-based film and organic mud mask), this treatment is perfect before and after sun exposures. Also indicated for people who live in urban surroundings with high levels of air pollution.


    - This treatment reduces the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

    - It evens out skin tone and makes the skin more radiant and youthful.

    Duration : 90 minutes

    Price : 140$

    Get a 15% rebate when you buy a 4-treatment GM Collin Signature Face Therapy.

    Get a 20% rebate when you buy a 6-treatment GM Collin Signature Face Therapy.

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