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Neglected hands and feet

Your hands and feet are subjected to enormous stress every day. Treat yourself to a personalized treatment to remove roughness and nourish the skin.

  • Manicure & Pedicure

    Delight Manicure

    While you choose the desired color of nail polish, our specialist will take care of your nails, followed with a hand massage.  This treatment will include the application of the nail polish chosen.

    Duration : 45 minutes

    Price : 35 $


    Royal Manicure

    This is the ultimate treatment to pamper your hands! After a complete treatment of your nails, an exfoliating treatment will allow for the dead skin to be removed from your hands.  Afterwards, the  application of a paraffin-based hydrating mask, followed with a gentle massage, will leave your hands as soft as silk.  To complete the nail beauty session, we will apply the nail polish that you will have chosen.

    Duration : 60 minutes

    Price : 45 $


    Paraffin-based hydrating hand treatment

    To make your hands soft and smooth, and to deeply hydrate your hands, there is nothing as good as a paraffin-based hand mask.

    Duration : 20 minutes

    Price : 21 $


    Application of nail polish

    Duration : 15 minutes   (You must arrive with polish-free hands)

    Price : 18 $



    For the prettiest feet…

    Your feet suffer from daily heavy stress,  give them the gift of a gentle special hand treatment.


    Delight Pedicure

    After having nicely filed and shaped your nails, our aesthetician will take care of your cuticles.  She will also buff your feet to remove any dead skin and eliminate skin roughness.  She will then proceed to a nice massage of your feet, before applying the nail polish you have chosen.

    Duration : 60 minutes

    Price : 59 $


    Royal Pedicure

    This is the ultimate treatment for your feet... worthy of the most glamorous red carpet nights! This pedicure treatment starts with the application of an exfoliating product, followed with a paraffin-based hydrating mask.  Your nails will thereafter be meticulously shaped, your cuticles will be cut and the dead skin will be removed from your feet with a soft sanding and buffing.  To conclude the treatment, you will receive a massage of the feet, followed with the application of the nail polish chosen by you.

    Duration : 90 minutes

    Price : 75 $

Our products and services are all approved by Health Canada.