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Laser Élite for pigmentary lesions

Get a spot-free skin that makes you look much younger!

You are an active person, you are more than thirty years old, you spend a lot of time in the sun… it is very likely that your skin shows early sun-induced signs of ageing.

Thanks to laser photorejuvenation treatments, you can give your skin back a younger look by reducing the appearance of brown spots, of pigmentary lesions and of sun-induced lentigo, while improving your skin’s overall texture.

Description of Laser Elite for pigmentary lesions

The Elite+MC laser is the most versatile system available on today’s market.  With its double wavelength, it allows for faster results, on all skin types.  Elite+MC enables your technician to treat all kinds of epidermic pigmentary lesions (brown spots, sun-induced lentigo, skin hyperpigmentation), face varicosities (couperose) and lower limb vessels problem (varicose veins, dilated vessels, red angiomas), as well as various other signs of photo-ageing.

The Elite+MC laser offers two wavelengths in one single system.  The Alexandrite 755 nm and the  Nd:Yag long pulse 1064 nm high-power enable us to treat every skin colors, including black skins, safely and with optimal efficiency.

The laser photorejuvenation is done by directing a light beam towards a skin defect (brown spot, sun-induced lentigo). This treatment corrects the anomaly by stimulating the production of collagen, without harming the surrounding intact skin cells.  It tightens the surrounding tissues, improves the overall skin texture and reduces the signs of ageing.

Clinical indications and contraindications

The Elite+MC laser is indicated for the treatment of pigmentary spots (lesions) on the face, neck, neckline and body.

The Elite+MC laser treatment is contraindicated for pregnant women and mothers who are breast-feeding.  Some restrictions may apply if you have a metallic implant in the face or elsewhere under the skin where the treatment is to be applied.  This treatment is not recommended if you suffer from topical infection or from skin lesions as psoriasis or eczema.

A Elite+MC laser treatment in short

Your technician will first assess your medical condition and discuss the indications and restrictions to the treatments. She will analyze your skin type (phototype) and examine the areas to be treated.

The treatment is carried out in a relaxed ambiance, with no recourse to anaesthetics or gels.  The treatment may sometimes cause a slight discomfort, which is attenuated by means of a pulsed-air cooling system that will be proposed to you by your aesthetician after the treatment.

You will quickly resume your normal activities.  The application of a soothing gel is recommended for the few days following your treatment.  A total-block sunscreen is essential for the four-week period following your treatment. Your technician will guide you, in accordance with your needs and skin type.

Care and maintenance plan

A complete therapy generally requires several treatments.  The average treatment lasts 15 to 20 minutes. The results are visible after the very first treatment, but will be optimal after a few treatments (2 to 4 treatments).

The cost
Fees : 175 $ per 15-minute treatment.


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