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Laser Elite (vascular skin lesions)

Couperose, rosacea, varicose veins, red angiomas and dilated vessels? Institut Brabant has a solution for you!

Couperose is a common skin condition that causes a reddening of the face (erythroderma) with permanently dilated tiny vessels which are under the skin, yet visible to the naked eye.  Couperose is normally located on the cheeks and nose, but can also appear on the forehead and chin.

Specific factors may predispose you to its appearance: heredity, exposure to wind, cold, sun, as well as alcohol consumption.  It may appear after a local application of cortisone-based treatment.  Today, the laser is one of the most effective treatment on the market. Is has an immediate action and is virtually painless.

Description of Cyosure Élite+MC laser and its technoloy

The Elite+MC laser is the most versatile system available on the market. Its doubled wavelength provides quick results, on all skin types.  Elite+MC makes us able to treat the varicosities located on the face (couperose) and on the lower limbs (varicose veins, dilated vessels, red angiomas), as well as skin pigmentary lesions and all signs of photo-ageing.

Laser is a monochromatic light beam that targets, in the scope of a varicose vein treatment, the couperose and angiomas with red pigmentation of superficial blood vessels. The laser light beam then transforms into heat, which leads to the destruction of targeted vessels.

The Elite+MC laser offers two wavelengths in one single system.  The Alexandrite 755 nm and the  Nd:Yag long pulse 1064 nm high-power, enables us to treat every skin colors, including black skins, safely and with optimal efficiency.

Clinical indications and contraindications

The Elite+MC laser is indicated for couperose (dilated vessels) on the face and vascular lesions (dilated vessels) on the body.

You must absolutely protect your skin from the sun during the weeks preceding and following the treatments.  If you are taking medication, you must inform your technician of it, since certain medication can make you sensitive to light and are considered as photosensitizing agents.  This is the case for certain antibiotics and cortisone-based medication. You must tell your technician about it, and she will make sure that it is appropriate for you to receive the treatment. Otherwise, your treatment would be postponed to a future date.

The Elite+MC laser treatment is contraindicated for pregnant women and mothers who are breast-feeding.  Some restrictions may apply if you have a metallic implant in the face or elsewhere, under the skin where the treatment is to be applied.  This treatment is not recommended if you suffer from topical infection or from skin lesions as psoriasis or eczema.

A Elite+MC treatment in short

This treatment consists of a series of pulses that may cause a light tingling and burning sensation. The sensation brought by the treatment can be compared to the light snap of an elastic band on the skin.  The majority of our patients tolerate their treatment very well, without anaesthetics. Your Institut Brabant technician will propose to you an anaesthetic cream sold in pharmacy, if you wish to use it before your treatment.

After your treatment, you will feel a sensation of warmth for the next few hours. Aloes-based gels or cool cloth compress may be used to soothe this sensation. A slight swelling or oedema, with a diffused or localized redness, specially under the eyes, may sometimes persist for 48 hours. In all cases, an adapted makeup can easily hide such temporary inconvenience.

You will quickly resume your normal activities.  The application of a soothing gel is recommended for the few days following your treatment.  A total-block sunscreen is essential for the four-week period following your treatment. Your technician will guide you, in accordance with your needs and skin type.

Care and maintenance plan

The therapy consists in 2 to 4 treatments, at intervals of 8 weeks.  The results will be noticeable in 3 to 4 weeks.

The cost
Fees : 175 $ per 15-minute treatment.

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