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Massage therapy Blainville

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    Discover Massage Therapy Blainville

    Treat yourself to a moment of total relaxation, a time just for yourself. Every massage technique practiced at Institut Brabant will provide you with the benefits of a well-deserved break. It is up to you to choose the massage you prefer.


    This relaxation massage is most appropriate to relieve muscular and joint tensions. By being able to relieve the pain at the nervous system level, this type of massage contributes to reach the deepest state of relaxation. Swedish massage is the most appropriate technique for active people that are exposed to daily stress.

    60 minutes / 65$

    90 minutes / 95$


    This treatment focuses on muscular relaxation. This massage is ideal when you suffer from several muscle tensions in a specific area (for example: back, legs, arms). A set of diversified maneuvers is required to reach the relief of muscle contractions. In fact, it is not unusual that the therapist has to spend 30 minutes or more on a very tensed area.

    60 minutes / 70$

    90 minutes / 100$


    This massage is given with the help of hot stones or shells that diffuse warmth to the various body parts. This technique, also called thermotherapy, provides you with a deeper state of relaxation, a lower blood pressure and great comfort.

    90 minutes/ 105$



    For an optimal comfort, the Institut Brabant massage therapists use the "Body Cushion", which allows the mother-to-be to receive her massage, comfortably installed on her stomach. This special cushion has an opening carved out for this unique purpose. Not only does the massage relieve the expectant mother's back pain and improves her posture, but it also contributes to her most restful sleep.

    60 minutes / 65$

    90 minutes/ 95$


Our products and services are all approved by Health Canada.