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Muscular tensions

Do you feel tired, worn out and overstressed? Every day, do you suffer from mild or severe tensions in your neck, your back or your whole body? Whatever your professional activities, your lifestyle inevitably creates muscular aches everywhere on your body. Treat yourself to a relaxing and re-energizing care treatment.

  • Massage therapy

    Treat yourself to a moment of total relaxation, a time just for yourself.  Every massage  technique practiced at Institut Brabant will provide you with the benefits of a well-deserved break. It is up to you to choose the massage you prefer.

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  • Pressotherapy

    Pressotherapy (also known as pressure-therapy) is a therapeutic method that induces the blood and lymph circulation, which in turn stimulates blood volume shifts and lymphatic reflux. A pressotherapy treatment provides a well-being sensation, on the circulation and physical levels, and this from the very first session.

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