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Permanent makeup



Permanent makeup

Benefits of permanent makeup

Get a burst of radiance for your skin thanks to permanent makeup!

Have you been dreaming of a flawless makeup that stays impeccable all day? Are you a very active person and would like to have more time in your day to do all your tasks? You will agree with that permanent makeup is a wonderful solution to save on those precious minutes in your daily routine. Moreover, thanks to our sound expertise, the results are very natural-looking and the techniques that we use are completely safe.

For a simplified beauty regimen, with surprisingly natural results, a permanent makeup procedure becomes a very interesting solution! Whether you would like to correct some small imperfections that bother you, or to enhance your natural beauty, choose a non-invasive technique that promises you optimal results.

Description of the technique used for a permanent makeup

The terms permanent makeup, aesthetical dermography and corrective micropigmentation are all synonyms. These techniques are similar to tattooing. By introducing non-permanent colored pigments under the skin with a single-use sterile needle, just like for a tattoo, we can redefine the contours of your features, or correct certain defects that you consider unattractive.

The pigments are non-permanent: even if we call this technique permanent makeup, in fact the technique is rather semi-permanent. According to the pigments used, the area to be treated and the maintenance program you will have respected, the makeup will need to be touched-up after a few years.

A permanent makeup treatment in short

The first visit
Before carrying out a permanent makeup procedure, a specialized technician, certified in the field of dermopigmentation, will carefully evaluate your needs and your health condition, and will make sure that there is no contraindications. For example, if you are taking an anticoagulant medication, you will need a consultation with the treating physician before proceeding to the micropigmentation.

This first consultation at the Institut is free of charge. It will enable you to get familiar with the technique and to address all your concerns. Don’t be shy, you can ask any questions that come to your mind!

Before starting the permanent makeup procedure per se, a pencil sketch will be prepared, so you can approve the shape and color chosen. After your approval, this sketch will be used to realize your permanent makeup (micropigmentation).

A painless treatment

After appropriate sterilization of the area to be treated, the pigments will be injected into the dermis, to a depth of 1,5 to 2 mm with the help of a very fine single-use sterile needle. This technique is painless, with the recourse of a surface anaesthetic on the treated area.

According to the area to be treated (lips, eyebrows, eyes, etc.), the execution of the permanent makeup may take from 1 to 3 hours. A touch-up session will be proposed in 4 to 6 weeks to perfect the makeup, if need be. An at-home care information sheet will be handed to you to ensure that you make the appropriate maintenance of your new permanent makeup.

Clinical indications and contraindications

Make your eyes look younger!

With the creation of a natural brow line, the permanent makeup enables us to reshape, thicken and balance your eyebrows, to fill up little spaces, to hide your scars and even to rejuvenate your look.  The shape and color are judiciously selected depending on the morphology of your face, on your skin and hair color, in order to obtain a final look that is as natural as possible.

It is also possible to recreate full eyebrows with our “shadow method” or to redesign your eyebrows by drawing each hair with our hair-by-hair method which provides very natural-looking results. Your technician will show you and explain the difference between those two techniques; you will be able to choose which option is best for you.

Beauty of the lips

Thanks to permanent makeup, it is possible to increase the volume of lips, to underline their contour, to correct any asymmetrical shape, or to camouflage and hide a scar or a harelip surgery scar. Your technician will help you choose the color that is closest to your mouth’s lining.  You will be asked to approve each step of the selection process, to ensure optimal and natural-looking results.

Captivating eyes

There are several possibilities to enhance and show off your eyes.  For example, we can underline the lash line and draw the eye contour to make your look more attractive and seductive. We can even create an impression of very thick lashes, thanks to the lash-thickening technique, which is a natural-looking solution for men and women with sparse or thin lashes.

Why not consider a beauty mark?

We can create a beauty mark on the desired area, to hide an old chicken pox scar… or just for the fun of it!

Contraindications to permanent makeup

The permanent makeup treatment is not indicated for pregnant women or mothers who are breast-feeding.

A preventive treatment using an antiviral medication (ValtrexMD) will be recommended if you suffer from oral herpes (cold sore) and want to get a lip permanent makeup.  Your makeup technician will guide you on how to obtain the required prescription.

The procedure is not recommended either if you present skin lesions as psoriasis or eczema on the areas targeted by the permanent makeup. Some specific recommendations are also to consider if your take anticoagulants, and if you are prone to sties or conjunctivitis. Your technician will guide you in order to prevent any complication after the execution of your makeup.  We will also propose that you undergo an allergy test, if you think you could have an allergy or intolerance to pure metals as gold or silver.

Care and maintenance plan

Generally speaking, a permanent makeup lasts an average of 2 to 5 years.  This duration is influenced, among others, by some specific physiological and environmental factors like frequent exposure to sun, your immune system and certain topical products. Your technician will provide you with the best advice to maximize the duration of your permanent makeup.  However, you should know that an appropriate sun protection is recommended at all times to preserve your makeup’s color and longevity.

As the years go by, the morphology of your face, as well as your specific needs, may change.  The duration of your permanent makeup being limited to a few years, this enables you to change for other colors and shapes, at the time of eventual touch-ups. According to the areas that have been treated, you should expect that such touch-ups will be necessary 2 to 4 years after the initial procedure.

The cost

See the most frequent-asked fees in the table below. These fees include one initial touch-up within 90 days from the execution of the permanent makeup.

Institut Brabant offers you a 25% rebate on the regular price, on subsequent touch-ups.

Pigmentation of eyebrows 570$
Pigmentation or the eye contour 570$
Pigmentation of the upper eyelid 440$
Pigmentation of the lower eyelid 315$
Pigmentation of the lip contour 570$
Pigmentation of lips (gradient filling) 670$
Pigmentation of lips (complete filling) 815$
Beauty mark 160$

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