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Pressotherapy: countless benefits for weight loss and treatment of cellulite and water retention problems.

Pressotherapy (also known as pressure-therapy) is a therapeutic method that induces the blood and lymph circulation, which in turn stimulates blood volume shifts and lymphatic reflux. A pressotherapy treatment provides a well-being sensation, on the circulation and physical levels, and this from the very first session.  The higher the frequency of treatments, the better the results will be, for your health as for your body contour. The benefits offered by this technique are aesthetical or therapeutic. It helps to tone and firm the damaged tissues and refine the figure by the reduction of cellulite. Used as a complementary treatment with lymphatic drainage, pressotherapy may also increase and speed up the desired effects.

Description of pressotherapy

Pressotherapy is a technique that aims at restoring a proper blood and lymphatic circulation, by alternating between the compression and decompression of the treated areas.  This technique can relieve the symptoms of heavy and swollen legs, while fighting cellulite. Pressotherapy is also an effective treatment to promote the evacuation of the toxins accumulated in the body.

Clinical indications and contraindications

Pressotherapy’s therapeutic benefits are numerous. This technique can significantly improve the following conditions:
– Heavy legs, swelling and fatigue;
– Muscular recovery (high-level athletes);
– Evacuation of body waste and toxins;
– Venous or lymphatic insufficiency;
– Lymphœdema;
– Post-traumatic and postoperative oedema, like the «arm lymphoedema» often linked to a mastectomy, a fracture, a sprain or a bruise;
– Rheumatic ailments, like cervical pain, back pain, pain in the lower back and hip, periarthritis, or pain in the shoulder joint;
– Infectious disease treated with medication, like cold, influenza or sinusitis;
– Internal organs diseases, like chronic constipation or colitis;
– Headaches, migraine headaches, insomnia or stress;
– Dental problems, like teeth misalignment or weak gums;
– Wound healing (under medical supervision);
– Water retention;
– Stress.

Pressotherapy may also be recommended in order to improve specific illnesses, as:
– Venous, arterial and diabetic ulcers;
– Multiple sclerosis;
– Myopathy;
– Arteritis;
– Mastectomy;
– Lymphoedemas;

Pressotherapy also has a significant benefit: it has absolutely no side effect. Since this technique acts on the external body, it works as the usual massages and lymphatic drainages applied manually by the professional therapists. There is then very few contraindications to pressotherapy treatments. Even pregnant women can enjoy their benefits, provided that the technician uses low-intensity pressures and that the abdomen is not under treatment. However, people suffering from severe cardiac or kidney insufficiency, from uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure), from abscess or tumor should avoid pressotherapy treatments. The same goes for people who have a history of thrombosis or thrombophlebitis, as well as those suffering from an infection or an active inflammation of the areas to be treated.

A pressotherapy treatment in short

According to the body part to be treated, you slip on the pressotherapy boots for the legs, the sleeves for the arms, or an abdominal belt. You take a reclining position on your back, and relax with your legs slightly raised.

The air cells of the device fill up, at varying pace, while multiple soft pressures are exerted on the targeted area. The blood circulation is activated and the toxins are more effectively eliminated. The treatment lasts from 15 to 30 minutes.

Care and maintenance plan

For an optimal and lasting efficiency, we recommend one to two weekly treatments.

The cost of pressotherapy

Per treatment: 1.60$/minute
300-minute package: 410 $

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