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Vitiligo or skin depigmentation

Vitiligo or skin depigmentation is a dermal affection characterized by white spots that appear and spread on the skin. It may be caused by genetics and appears sometimes before the age of 20, or after a trauma, a severe injury or disease, and even sometimes after a sunburn. Since the treatments offered today have little effect on the condition, while causing unwanted side effects, if you suffer from this condition, you must undoubtedly still be looking for an effective solution.

Our treatment against vitiligo or skin depigmentation

  • Medical aesthetic micropigmentation

    Corrective permanent makeup, also known as corrective dermography, medical tattooing or medical aesthetical micropigmentation, allows you to correct some asymmetrical aspects of your face.  It also enables us to hide a too apparent body scar or to redesign a mammary aerola (nipple) after a reconstructive surgery, a breast lift surgery or a breast reduction. The same technique is also used to hide a hair loss problem (alopecia and loss of hair) or vitiligo (disappearance of the skin pigmentation).

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