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Volumizing agent (such as Juvederm, Stylage, Belotero…)*


Say hello to a natural, healthy glow with hyaluronic acid injections (Volumizing agent such as Juvederm, Stylage, Belotero …)*


Whether it is for superficial or deep wrinkles, skin sagging, hollow cheeks, or irregular features caused by skin ageing… for every problem, there is a solution!  Blur these signs of ageing and recover a healthy and natural look!

Description of the action of Volumizing agent (such as Juvederm, Stylage, Belotero …) in Blainville*

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is already present in your body.  It contributes to the absorbancy and maintenance of water inside the skin tissues.  With age and years of exposure to sun and pollutant, the natural production of hyaluronic acid becomes lacking.  This is why we use it today in medical aesthetic treatments, under the form of injectable gels, in order to fill wrinkles and restore the lost volume and contour of the face, neck, hands and neckline.

After a hyaluronic acid injection, your wrinkles and sagging skin marks will be softly blurred, without making your natural features and expressions being transformed or set as marble. The results are noticeable after the treatment but enhanced over the following weeks as the skin’s hydration improves over time. Once injected, the hyaluronic acid gels, also called wrinkle-filling formulas, filling agents or volumizing substances, harmoniously diffuse into your dermis, for the most natural effect.

Clinical indications and contraindications of Volumizing agent (such as Juvederm, Stylage, Belotero ...

Hyaluronic acid is often used to increase the volume and redefine the contour of lips, and to reduce the wrinkles around the mouth. This acid is also used to smooth out the smile lines (nasolabial folds), to soften the wrinkles along the jaw (wrinkles in the corner of the mouth) and correct the features and volumes of the face contour, that may be sagging with age.

Since the facial features of every person are unique, just like the signs of ageing, our medical team will make sure to help you get the appropriate treatment for you.

At the injection sites, you may experience a light redness, some swelling and or small bruises.  These effects will disappear quickly.

We suggest that you respect the following recommendations before your treatment:

– If you suffer from cold sores (herpes labialis) and still wish to get a treatment of your lips and the contour of the mouth, we strongly recommend that you take an antiviral medication to avoid an after-treatment eruption of cold sores.

– If you are following a medical treatment involving anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants or antibiotics, certain restrictions apply. Our specialist will explain such restrictions to you at the time of your consultation.

The treatment is not recommended to pregnant women or mothers who are breast-feeding.

A hyaluronique acid injection in short

Please note that each hyaluronic acid injection are executed by Nathalie Brabant, registered nurse and founder of the Institut Brabant. Before the treatment, the medical team (Dr. Christian Bélisle and Nathalie Brabant, RN) will assess your condition and offer you the options available to meet your needs and expectations.  The treatments last from 30 to 90 minutes, according to the areas to be treated.

After the treatment, you will be able to immediately resume your daily activities.

Care and maintenance plan

During the twelve hours following the treatment, you must avoid applying makeup on the treated areas.  You may periodically apply cold compresses, if need be, to lessen the edema (swelling) of treated areas.

During the next two weeks, you must avoid :

– direct and unprotected prolonged periods in the sun or exposure to UV rays;
– prolonged exposure to very cold temperatures;
– use of sauna, hammam or steam bath.

An annual touch-up session is recommended to maintain the achieved results. After several treatments, the frequency and dosage will be reduced.

In some cases, the combination of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin  are indicated to get an optimal rejuvenating effect that is absolutely natural-looking. Your Institut Brabant health professional will advise you on the adequate care program, that will meet all your needs and stay within your budget.

Cost of hyaluronic acid injections

A personalized consultation is required to adequately assess the cost of your treatment.  The consultation is free of charge at the time of your first visit.


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