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Our Team

The Institut Brabant’s mission is to enrich women’s and men’s lives by providing them with the highest quality of aesthetical and medico-aesthetical treatments. By professionally and genuinely listening to the clients’ desires, the Institut specialists can develop personalized programs aimed at achieving unique goals.  Each staff member has the required skills and training necessary to assist and provide the clientele with sound advice.

Natalie Brabant, certified nurse, laser technician and medico-aesthetical care specialist

Natalie Brabant founded the Institut in 2007.  She is a certified nurse and is member of the OIIQ since 1989.  Following ten years of nursing work in hospital centers, she pursued her career in the pharmaceutical industry, where she has worked for more than 5 years in cooperation with physicians specializing in the treatment and therapy for overweight and obesity (dietician, surgeon, endocrinologist).  She then realized that it is possible to make a real difference in people’s life and developed a passion for the medico-aesthetical field.  Since then, Mrs. Brabant constantly watches for the latest industry advances, and continually upgrades her technical knowledge and skills, in order to provide her clients with the very best treatments.  Among others, she is a graduate of the Toronto Micropigmentation Centre, where she studied to perfectly master the permanent makeup techniques and the tattooing medical skin remedy and correction.  As a member of the Académie Médico-esthétique, she also offers advanced anti-ageing treatments, as hyaluronic acid and neuromodulators injections, as well as various rejuvenating laser treatments.  Her mission:  she is truly committed to provide you with the required professional care and to ensure that you effectively achieve your goals!


Gaétane Martel, aesthetician, massage-therapist and laser technician

Devoted and with a tendency towards perfectionism, Gaétane has a genuine passion for her profession.  With over 20 years of experience, first as a hair stylist for 12 years, and then going back to school to graduate in 2002 as a massage therapist, she has offered her services in various regions of the province.  Always interested in upgrading her skills, and in view of providing her clients with supplemental care, she completed aesthetical medicine studies in 2011.  As the owner of a tourist shelter that she operated for 8 years, she offered her services to her numerous clients from all over the world.


Her passion: people! She joined the Institut Brabant team in 2012, where she discovered the benefits of medico-aesthetical treatments.  To ensure she gives the best possible advice to her clients, and improve client service, she constantly expands her knowledge by regularly enrolling in various trainings on leading-edge technologies.  Her ultimate goal: to always offer the highest quality treatments to her clients.


Caroline Gagné, massage therapist, aesthetician and laser technician

As a certified massage therapist since 2005, Caroline has developed a real passion for body treatments and personal care. Willing to constantly improve her treatment techniques, she has followed an advanced training in the field of medical care and obtained a graduate degree as kinesiologist in 2005.

Because she enjoys taking care of people, she pursued her professional training in aesthetical care and graduated in 2013.  Since her arrival at Institut Brabant in 2015, she has completed several specific trainings that enable her to provide a full range of medico-aesthetical care.  Moreover, she pursued her professional development by completing advanced trainings in the field of laser treatments. Thanks to her ability in active listening, Caroline has all the necessary assets to take good care of you… and even to share her passion with you!